2021 Nottingham Forest Pool Opening!

Nottingham Forest Pool Opening
The Nottingham Forest HOA board is happy to announce the opening of our pool this Saturday, May 22nd until Labor Day Weekend.  In accordance with the State of Kansas and Johnson County reopening guidelines, we are cleared to open this coming Friday with NO mask mandate.
We have a new pool management company, Blue Valley Pools, owned and operated by Clint Warren.
Key reminders:
There will be NO attendants this year.  We need all neighbors to respect the area and clean up after yourselves.  Make sure your children are respecting all pool rules posted on NFHA website and on the pool door entrance.
PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TEENAGE DEPENDENT using the pool.  As stated in pool rules, young adults 14 years and older are allowed at the pool without a parent present.  They must adhere to all pool rules posted.  Failure to due so will result in key card being shut off for that family, ultimately parents are responsible.  REMEMBER, pool area is under 24hr surveillance for safety and property protection. Last year there were too many incidence with teenagers.  Let’s work together as neighbors to help remind anyone in violation of rules to correct their actions.
Self Monitor-  Remember, this is a swim at your own risk pool.  Please keep your group together and not encroach on others.  There will be NO pool attendants this year.  We trust all our neighbors will respect each others space.
Cabana Reservations- 3 hours is the max reservation time for the Cabana.  Reservation includes the tables underneath the cabana and the one grill closest to the big pool.  Reservations are awarded to whoever signs up on our website.  Please do not sign up multiple times in a row.  Anyone who does not pay HOA dues on time will not be allowed reservations that pool season.
REMEMBER - This is a voluntary amenity.  If you do not feel comfortable being around people due to any health situations please refrain.
POOL HOURS:  Daily 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Use your electronic keycards for access.
Questions?  Email pool@nottinghamforest.org