Nottingham Forest Pool Opening!

Nottingham Forest Pool Opening
The Nottingham Forest Homes Association Board is happy to announce the opening of our pool on June 8th.  In accordance with the State of Kansas and Johnson County reopening guidelines, we are cleared to open this coming Monday.
Key reminders:
Social Distance- please keep your group 6 feet apart from others
Hand sanitizing- we will plan to have hand sanitizer down at the pool, however, it doesn’t hurt to pack some extra in your pool bag
Crowding- If the pool is starting to get full and your family has been there for a couple hours, please leave so your fellow neighbors can enjoy.
Cabana- No reservations will be taken this year for the cabana and grills.  2 grills will remain usable with the middle one removed.  Please stay on your side of the counter space while using.
Self Monitor-  Remember, this is a swim at your own risk pool.  Please keep your group together and not encroach on others.  There will be a pool attendant present in the afternoon and evenings, however, they are not the NF pool police.  We trust all our neighbors will respect each others time and space. 
REMEMBER - This is a voluntary amenity.  We trust our neighbors will respect one another.  If things get out of control we reserve the right to lock it up.

POOL HOURS:  Daily 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Use your electronic key cards for access.