Trash and Yard Waste Update

There are 2 options to dispose of your real Christmas tree:

1.  Between December 26th and January 6th, you may take your tree to Quivira Park and have it recycled for mulch to be used by the city.
2.  WCA (our trash contractor) will accept trees until January 8th.  They should be placed at the curb for either of the next two normal trash pickups.  If a tree is over 6 feet it needs to be cut in order to fit into the truck. 

In both cases all decorations and lights need to be removed from the tree, along with any attached base.  No plastic bags.

For the months of January thru March yard waste will only be picked up on the second Tuesday of each of these months.  
WCA has informed us that they will be enforcing a 10 bag limit starting in January.  Your HOA Board is working on a resolution to this issue.  If necessary share your bags with your neighbors who may not have yard waste.

TRASH DAY CHANGED TO WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2, 2019:  As a result of New Year's Day falling on Tuesday this year, trash pickup will be moved to Wednesday.

In driving through the neighborhood there are a number of homeowners who are not properly maintaining the curb area in front of their property.  The homeowner is responsible for cleaning up the leaves along the curb area as well as the grass strip between the sidewalk and the curb.  If you have a storm drain opening in front of your property you should insure that it is kept free of leaves to avoid flooding from possible heavy rain.

The blowing of leaves into the street from your property is in violation of Overland Park ordinances which strictly prohibit this practice and can result in fines being levied against a homeowner.

Our neighborhood has numerous islands in cul-de-sac locations.  We have found some homeowners think that they can blow part of their leaves onto these islands and let the HOA be responsible for cleanup.  Several of these islands have no trees yet receive an inordinate amount of leaves from neighboring properties.  Take some responsibility and pride in your neighborhood and do your share to keep these areas properly maintained.  

WCA has begun enforcing extra bag pickup charges for trash.  Stickers for trash bags can be purchased at the Hen House at 135th & Metcalf or the one at 119th & Roe in Leawood.  They are $1.25 per sticker.  There is no limit on recycling items so you may look at better recycling practices to reduce regular trash to avoid additional fees.  As long as the bag is in the trash can and doesn't fall out when lifted you are safe in loading up your trash container.