Stone Wall and Fence Repair on 119th Street

Starting on Monday, 22 October 2018 the final repair work will begin on the stone wall and fence on 119th Street.  Work is being done by Mid-Continental Restoration, the same contractor that did the work on Switzer in the fall of 2017.
The plan is to start work on the stone wall first.  This will begin just west of Grant Street and continue to Switzer.  There is another section west of Switzer that is also part of this project.  Work is expected to take approximately 2 months barring any bad weather delays. 
After repairs have been made to the stone wall, replacement of the fence will be undertaken.  During this phase of the project, orange fencing will be placed as a barrier on the stone wall once the fence has been removed.  Individual homeowners directly affected by this work have been notified by mail.
During this period of time sidewalks on 119th Street will be closed to foot traffic at various times.  Please observe the detours during this period to avoid any possible conflict with contractor equipment or working personnel.
This project is funded completely by Overland Park and Nottingham Forest has no funding requirements for any of the work.
Should anyone have questions please contact:
Steve Parker
NFHA Property Manager