This meeting was called to order by Nancy Hass at 7:03 after it was established that a quorum was present.  Board members present:  Nancy Hass, Gordon Harring, Romana Slavik, Marilyn Dinkel, Jane Norton, Mike Miller, Teri Larson, Ken Mendendez and Property Manager Steve Parker.

Jane Norton made a motion to accept the 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes.  This was seconded and approved unanimously.  The annual meeting minutes are available for viewing on NFHA web site until the next annual meeting.

MONUMENTS – Gordon Harring

Doug Pickert of Indigo Designs also attended the meeting to be available for detailed questions regarding the monuments.  The castle monument project was presented, along with a picture of its concept and architectural plans.  The homeowners were receptive to the Boards plans and were advised the project start date is August/September 2011.  While cost was a concern with two individuals, it was explained that funds for this project were derived from the $55.00 annual monument allocation that has been included with their dues payments.  Further, it was explained this allocation was approved four year ago during an annual board meeting and this money has funded the last eight monuments.   Ken answered questions regarding the finances and assured the group that no new assessment or dues increase will be needed.  A question was raised about the monument on 127th and Nieman.  It was explained this monument will be considered in approximately two years following completion of the castle project. 

A short discussion regarding rehabbing the tennis courts took place.  The location of the courts makes the use of large equipment impossible. This issue was left unresolved at this time. 

POOL – Romana Slavik was ill ---Steve Parker gave the following report

This past season was highly successful at the pool, with no problems in relation to water conditions other than the summer sun adding to the water temperature.  The pool did not experience any shutdowns because of water quality.  A survey was taken over the summer of pool usage to see if we were getting the most for the dollars being invested.  It was found that the 11 – 12 noon time frame as well as the 8 – 9 time frame were experiencing either 0 usage or, at the most, one to two swimmers for most of the summer.  The cost savings for this two hour reduction in usage equates to over $6500 in savings.  Next season the pool hours will be from 12 noon to 8.  This is also in line with the city pools operated by OP.  The other area that is being considered is changing from usage of chlorine to a salt water pool, which is much more pleasant for swimming.

TREES – Mike Miller

The Switzer trees project is finished and the boulevard tree trimming will take place again during the winter.  Our Austrian Pines will be replaced as needed.  The Bradford Pears will also be replaced as needed.

SOCIAL – Teri Larson

Teri just recently took over this job because of Chanie’s moving.  There is a special fall event on October 23 at the playground area.  There are many venders attending and all residents are encouraged to take part in the trunk or treat. 

TREASURER – Ken Menendez

Ken distributed the finalized 2011 budget and financial report. 


Steve gave his annual report of actions taken in 2010 as follow:

·         Pool & Tennis – Repainted the interior of the pool house, created additional locked storage within the pool house for NFHA equipment and supplies as well as replacement of light fixtures, towel and soap dispensers.  Spruced up the appearance of the pool area by adding benches for people waiting for rides as a smoking area exterior to the pool.  With the heat of the summer we lost grass around the pool area which has just been reseeded and by next spring should be back to a better appearance.  Maintain the creek bed and banks to prevent unwanted growth of trees and shrubs.  Keep up with repair to cracks in tennis courts.

·         Switzer Corridor – Finished the last phase of work on the Switzer corridor late last fall and have just finished final seeding of area south of 123rd Street.

·         Mailboxes – Problem continues with the salt mist from the roads in the winter corroding the boxes.  Continue to work on this problem.  Weed whacking along the base of the mailbox by homeowners and contractors is another problem.  Paint is being chipped off.  Homeowners might consider going to Home Depot and buy a $.97 can of FLAT BLACK SPRAY PAINT and take care of this problem.  So far this Halloween season we have lost six boxes to pumpkins which is less than last year…but still have two weekends to go.  Last year we had forty mailboxes damaged as a result of pumpkins.  Homeowners should be diligent and any information that you may receive should be reported to OP police.

·         Fences – The exterior fence along Switzer and 119th Street is maintained by NFHA as well as Overland Park.  Any part of the fence on the stone wall is the responsibility of OP, any fencing on the ground is the property of NFHA. We have an ongoing problem, which has been addressed to those homeowners involved, regarding both trees overgrowing the fence line as well as vines and weeds growing through the fence.  One section of 119th Street had branches so numerous and low that you could not walk on the sidewalk.  Please help us to maintain the appearance of our neighborhood.

·         Yard Waste – Deffenbaugh has a program for yard waste which is relatively inexpensive. For $2.25/month plus a small administrative fee ($.87) or $7.62/quarter you can put out 10 bags of yard waste plus your normal 6 bags with your regular trash.  A bundle of tree branches counts as one bag.  Call Deffenbaugh at 631-3300; ask for residential yard waste program.  Recycling is available at $3.00/month.

·         The problem with dogs running loose and dog waste was addressed.

·         Steve spends one day a week crisscrossing the neighborhood picking up street trash.

·         With several of our residents pouring new driveways Steve reminded all of us about the necessity of concrete sealing…to protect it against the ice/salt distribution in the street.

Architectural Committee - The formation of an Architectural Committee has been discussed.  The Board received authority to form this committee from Hanover Development Company which held the original Assignment of Developer Rights.  Attorney Stan Woodworth met with the board in September on this subject.  Details need to be worked out.


Landscaping position being vacated by Jane Norton who is moving

·          Bethann Smith has agreed to fill the remaining two years on this position

Architectural Committee contact - new position

·         Baylor Edwards

Secretary position being vacated …Louise Barnow completed three year term

·         There is no one running for this position at this time

At large position being vacated … Marilyn Dinkel completed three year term

·         This position is being reestablished as the Architectural Committee contact

There was a motion made to accept those who were nominated.  Seconded by Ken Menendez and passed unanimously.

Comments from those attending meeting

Roger Denesia thanked the board/Nancy for taking care of the KCPL tree removal episode in such an efficient manner.

Steven Geiger, 12308 Melrose lives right next to the school district’s property where there is a berm which has been neglected for some time.  Annabeth Surbaugh, County Commissioner Chair, spoke with knowledge on this and will follow it up with him.

Several in the audience voiced a problem with the new pool hours to take effect in 2011.  After hearing ideas and comments the board decided to discuss this at the next meeting in November.  Final decisions will be announced in the e-newsletter.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:35PM.

These minutes were prepared by Louise Barnow, Secretary.