OCTOBER 6, 2008



Nancy Hass called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.  Board members present, Nancy Hass, Jon Newcomb, Steve Parker, Jack Zimmerman, Ken Mendendez,
Renee Senter, Louise Barnow.  Absent, Marilyn Dinkel, Darrell Werner.

It was established that a quorum was present including those in the room and signed proxies brought in.


Mr. Mike Wilson and Mr. Paul Howe,  representing the new ownership of

Deffenbaugh Disposal Service were present to answer questions regarding the many changes and new pricing structure we are now working within.  The following questions represent those asked by our residents.

  1. We will now be having our weekly pickup on Friday.  When Friday is a holiday when will scheduled pickup be?

A.      Saturday –

Q.      Information on price increases?

A.      This recent increase was 32%.  The former owners lost $5 million per year over the past five years.   The cost of fuel, environmental and land fill considerations, the new cart pick up system costs -- which will begin in January ’09 are all included in this increase.  Their land fills will reach capacity in 2027.

      1974 trucks were being used in the company with the average fleet age exceeding

      20 years.  One hundred and twelve trucks have been purchased at $112 million.

      These trucks cost $225,000.00 each and emit far fewer emissions that the aging

      fleet.  The new average MPG is 2.3  to 2.4. 

      There have been 35 more trucks ordered to be delivered in January 2009.

Q.      What about future plans for yard waste.?

A.      Their current plans are to continue to accept yard waste.  New governmental rules may change what Johnson County accepts in the future.


The following information was  mentioned by the Deffenbaugh representatives.  These topics will require more information to be shared by Deffenbaugh.  As we get closer to 2009 they will give us more details.

§  Ten stickers will be available for $12.50 for use when needing to use over the maximum number of yard waste containers.

§  Some of the new trucks are semi automated to load waste from the carts.

§  There will be three cost structuring plans available.  The entire neighborhood is required to use the same plan. 

§  Use of the 95 gallon cart will cost $11.50 per month.

§  Use of the 65 gallon cart will cost $10.50

§  Use of bags only will cost              $14.00

§  CURRENT PICK UP PRICE IS     $9.95 per month

§  Friday pick up between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM is set for NF at this time.

§  The trucks plan to be mostly finished  with their pick ups by 4:00 PM


§  Yard waste details…..

§  Pruning, etc., must be cut to four foot lengths and tied – 48” diameter

§  This length and tied size equates to one bag of yard waste

§  FYI – The national average of waste per household is between 28 & 32 lbs

                 We (OP?) are generating average of between 50 & 55 lbs per house

                  Current plans are to continue to accept yard waste.  New

                  governmental rules may change what Johnson County accepts in

                  the future.


Those present expressed the need for more information regarding the use of the  

95 gallon rolling containers, 65 gallon rolling containers or continuing to use garbage bags.  This will be forthcoming.



The Deffenbaugh gentlemen satisfied all inquiries then left the annual meeting.


President Nancy Hass began the remainder of the meeting by following the printed agenda.  She asked for a motion and second  to approve the minutes from the 2007 Annual Meeting.  These minutes have been posted on the web site for quite some time.  The voice vote approved the minutes.


Mailboxes – Darrell Werner was unable to attend the meeting.  A question was asked about the paint chipping and re-painting issue in matching the original black paint.  John Stack is the contact person for small repairs…He is not a member of the Board.


Landscaping – Steve Parker

Steve gave a report on daily needs/misc. jobs he has assumed to help keep the neighborhood presentation in nice order.   Trees have recently been trimmed around the pool and the pool landscaping has been cleaned up.  Switzer corridor dead trees have been removed, weed barrier removed and new sod laid.  All agreed that the fall mums look good.  The west side of Switzer on 119th is all private property or city easement.

Residents close to the areas where the work is being done expressed various ideas in regards to the corner.


Trees – Jon Newcomb


Twenty five percent of the 800+ street trees were trimmed in 2008.   Plans are to trim all street trees in 2009.

Switzer Project update:


Ø   Replacing Austrian pines from 121st to 123rd streets since they are dead or dying.

Ø   Replace with junipers and crab-apples. 2/3 of this was done by fall 2008.

Ø   Will complete to 123rd in spring of 2009.

Ø   Area from 123rd to Oxford is under review for new landscaping.



Monuments – Jack Zimmerman


Jack announced that this is his last year to serve on the board, however he plans to see the monument reconstruction through to the end.  The monuments consist of the four corners at 121st & Switzer and two corners at 123rd & Neiman.

This project is still a work in progress.  The six monuments in question were demolished in September.   Our plans had been drawn according to Overland Park information available.  It turned out that many of the original utilities were not buried where they were platted.

Plans have been redrawn and the work can commence once we get the OK from OP and the two homeowners affected.

FYI – Monies are set aside for this as we go forward.



Pool – Renee Senter


Our new management company is Jeff Kelly Inc.  This company employee the life guards, pays them, performs the winterization, along with cleaning and repairs of equipment etc.  Fewer complaints were expressed this year than in the past. 

Expenses in ’08 included repairs which will contribute to the overall replacement of the pool systems.  New pool furniture is planned in ’09.


Questions were asked regarding the tennis courts, playground and pool budgets.

The pool budget is $7500.00 … includes the two certified lifeguards on duty at all times.

The tennis court/playground budget is $5,000.


Financial report – Ken Mendendez


A financial handout was made available and copies are on the check-in table.

Another FYI –The neighborhood  sprinkler system needs major repairs and will need to be totally replaced very soon.


Ken asked those present for input in regards to neighborhood needs from their viewpoint.

Totally revamp the pool…The cost of this was $550,000 - $700,000 the last time the board looked into it.

Landscaping is an important issue to many homeowners.











Nancy Haas announced the openings for 2009 on the Board.


Mike Miller was nominated for the TREES position.

Gordon and Eunice Harring were nominated as a liaison team for MAILBOXES, MONUMENT REPAIR, TENNIS COURTS.

Misty Burch was nominated for SOCIAL Chairperson.


The motion was made and seconded that nominations cease.  The motion was made and seconded to accept the slate as presented.  This was accepted unanimously.


The Deffenbaugh issue regarding the 95 gallon, 65 gallon, or garbage bag collection was left on the table – to be handled as soon as more information is available.  We will probably be able to provide a link to see the Deffenbaugh video on our web site, with dimensions, etc.


Mike Miller will look into the leaf bagging issue.


The motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 9:00.  This was unanimously yes.


Minutes prepared by Louise Barnow, Secretary.