MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2009   7:00PM

Oak Hill Elementary School Cafeteria


 After a quorum had been established this meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.


President Nancy Hass introduced the board members, all of whom were present.

Nancy, Mike Miller, Steve Parker, Renee Senter, Marilyn Dinkel, Gordon Harring, Chanie Mitchell, Ken Menendez and Louise Barnow


The motion was made and seconded that the 2008 annual meeting minutes be accepted as published in the E-newsletter.  This was approved by voice vote.




Steve Parker, landscaping, mailboxes, misc:

Steve first gave an overall report on the sprinkler systems, problems and replacements.  Overland Park replaced the sprinklers they had damaged while doing road work on 119th. Three of the five systems have now been replaced and all are working well at this time. 

The tree line area on Switzer is now being reviewed…123rd to Oxford.

 A total of 80 mailboxes on… 123rd Street and on Nieman…have become delaminated because of the salt applications on the street. Parts of these boxes will be replaced.  The remaining mailboxes and the repaired ones should last at least another five years.

The roof on the gazebo will be replaced soon.


Mike Miller, Trees

Ground lines of varied utility ownership on the corners of 121st and 123rd   must be handled before any more planting is done in these areas. 

Annual trimming of street trees will occur in early winter. 


Renee Senter – Pool

Renee expressed appreciation to Steve and to Marilyn in the pool operation this year.  The pool opened successfully with a new pump, etc.  This was the third year of pool management through Jeff Kelly Inc...  Renee stated that this company has been more satisfactory than either of the last two.  Marilyn Dinkel will stay on as Assistant Pool contact.


Lisa Harpold – E-newsletter and Webmaster

Lisa is looking for a replacement after volunteering in this position for over ten years.  She has agreed to stay on the job until the replacement is found.  This is not a board position… no meetings are required.  The board and residents expressed their appreciation to Lisa.



Cindy Bobowski – Pool Party Arrangements/Reservations, etc.

The board and residents expressed appreciation to Cindy for her 12+ years of handling this, sometimes, difficult job.  She has agreed to continue to serve in this non-board capacity.


Gordon and Eunice Harring – Tennis courts, Monuments

The NFHA board had the opportunity to rent a couple of our NFHA tennis courts over the summer and fall for tennis lessons.  Kansas City United Tennis Organization has paid $400. June, July and August and will be invoiced $400.00 for September and October/weather permitting. 

Steve previously repaired the cracks in the tennis court, as much as possible, and will handle the wind screens removal and storage.

The original plans for six monument replacements were completed late 2009 summer with satisfying results.  Those present gave a round of applause to former board member and NF resident, Jack Zimmerman who acted as project manager and saw this job through to the end.

The monument replacements planned at this time are 119th & Nieman and 119th & 

Grant.  Details are currently being worked out.  The 119th & Switzer corner/castle area will be investigated and necessary funds saved toward this in the future.

Gordon and Steve will coordinate on the monuments project.


Chanie Mitchell - Social

Chanie came on the board within the last three months and planned a very successful end of summer adult Mexican Fiesta at the pool.  She plans 3 parties a year for adults and 3 for children.  Chanie invited all present to join in the fun!

Misty Burch, immediate past social chairman, was present and recognized for her successful events in –‘08/’09.


Ken Menendez, Treasurer

Ken distributed the 2009 budget and actual expenditures.  He also passed out the budget for fiscal 2010 and offered to field questions regarding both pieces,


Anna Beth Surbaugh, both a NF resident and Johnson County Commission Chairman began a short discussion regarding Deffenbaugh and other waste management companies. She shared her knowledge about what the probable future of this NFHA expense will entail. It seems the yard waste/compost rates will, at some time, begin to have a separate cost and recycle rates will ultimately be free.  All this is to reach the goal of GREEN/RECYCLE…PAY AS YOU THROW. 

As of now, the Deffenbaugh waste site closing date is set for 2017.  When this happens, our waste will be transported a much greater distance.  The County has a plan that they are currently waiting for all of the cities to agree upon.   It seems that composting is the key and WILL COME ABOUT!  Anna Beth offered to accompany our representative the next time we are in negotiations with a waste management company—whichever one that might be.  We are within a three year contract period right now...


There were no more questions/comments on the budget.


Ken explained the board’s plans in regards to Steve Parker’s new relationship with the board.  As noted earlier in this meeting Steve has been on the board as the landscaping contact for two years.  He has picked up many duties/jobs that we had been paying substantial sums to outside companies to accomplish…and he has done them in a timely fashion.  Steve put together a proposal outlining just what/when and how he has worked in the neighborhood for the last two years and shared it with the board.  We recently agreed to pay him an annual fee of $12,000…$1,000 per month to continue. 

He will be coordinating his work with the board member assigned to each task and will remain on the board as the NF Property Manager.

Those NF residents present were in unison with their approval. 


Nancy Hass - President

The announcement was made that there are currently nine positions on the board…with three coming up for election annually.  This year the President, Treasurer and Pool positions are up. 

She mentioned that she, as President, and Ken, as Treasurer, were willing to run for election once again, although they had already served six years on the board.  She stated that they would agree to leave the room for discussion on this on their remaining on the board.  It was quickly stated by some present that they need not leave the room…and that they should re-up on their jobs.  This will leave the pool position as the only vacancy.  There were no volunteers for this position at this time.


New NF residents in attendance:  Ann Hunt----126th Street and 

Bobby Kellogg 11101 W. 124th.


The homeowners welcomed them.


With no further business to conduct, this meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.


These minutes were prepared by Louise Barnow, Secretary