This meeting was called to order at 7:02 P.M. by NFHA Board President Nancy Hass after it was established a quorum was present.  Board members present: Nancy Hass, Gordon Harring, Romana Slavik, Chanie Mitchell, Mike Miller Ken Mendendez, Baylor Edwards, Brooke McVicker and Judy Denesia.  Also in attendance was Steve Parker, Property Manager/Irrigation. 


A motion was made and seconded to accept the 2010 NFHA Annual Meeting minutes.  The motion was unanimously accepted.  The annual meeting minutes are available for viewing on NFHA web site until the next annual meeting.




MONUMENTS:  Gordon Harring

Gordon reported that work on the Castle Monument has begun.  Weather permitting the Castle Monument should be completed this fall.  When the Castle Monument is completed it will give NF a fresh and upgraded appearance.  The Castle Monument will reflect well on our NF neighborhood.  A resident attending the meeting questioned if the utility box in front of the Castle Monument could be moved or put under ground.  Gordon will check with the utility company. 

Gordon also reported that Property Manager Steve Parker has found a company that can reproduce our mailbox brackets for ½ the cost we are presently paying.  Money has been collected for mail box repairs from the city of Overland Park due to snowplow damage, from construction companies and lawn service companies, and individuals when it is known who or what caused the damage to mailboxes.

Gordon also reminded us that it is pumpkin season so all residents should be vigilant for vandalism caused by pumpkin pranksters.

Gordon also reported on needed repairs at NF tennis courts.  Property Manager Steve Parker has been filling cracks but the courts are in need of additional repairs as they are not in playable condition.  Gordon and Steve have researched resurfacing possibilities.  They have found Nova Sports U S A that can put down an acrylic surface for about $17,300.  This will be discussed more with the board at future meetings.  It was stressed that the courts are for use by NF residents.  Tennis pros using the courts for lessons need to schedule their lessons around residents using the courts.  NFHA collects around $400-$450 from tennis pros using the courts.


LANDSCAPING: Brooke McVicker

Brooke reported that common grounds were being monitored for any landscape problems.  Summer impatiens are being left in place for the fall season.  Brooke brought to the meeting a rendering of the Castle Monument with the landscape design.  The landscaping by the Castle Monument will be put in next spring.  Brooke asked residents to let her know if they see problems with any plants in the common ground areas.


TREES: Mike Miller

This was a better year than last year for our trees.  Trees will be trimmed again in January and February when winter discounts apply.  Fire blight has affected Bradford pears and Austrian pines.  Residents should notify Mike if they have a problem with street trees.  There was a general cleaning and trimming of trees in the pool and playground area.  Mike also reminded residents that it is the season when sweet gum trees drop their gum balls and all residents should do what we can to keep the gumballs out of the streets and the street drains.  Work continues on dying trees on the 127th Street corridor.  The work on dying trees along 127th Street will continue as budget allotments allow.



Baylor gave a review of the trash contract decision reached by the board.  Town and Country will provide household waste, recycling and yard waste removal for the next 3 years for NFHA. NF residents were notified by mail and on the NFHA web site of this change and what is required of each resident to make the transition to Town and Country go as smoothly as possible.

Baylor also introduced our new Good Neighbor booklet and had copies available for residents to review.  The booklet is posted on the NFHA web site.  It is given to all new residents of NF.


SOCIAL: Chanie Mitchell

Chanie discussed the fall party to be held at NFHA playground area on October 22.  The hours for the party are 3-5P.M.  Steve Parker will prepare and, with the help of volunteers, serve the food.

Chanie reported that social events this past year which included the Easter party, July 4th party, and an adult party at the pool in September, were all successful and well attended.  Chanie encouraged residents to get involved in our social events and welcomed ideas and suggestions for social events.  It was explained that there is a nominal surcharge for parties where alcohol is served.  The nominal surcharge covers the cost of the alcohol and the alcohol cost does not come out of NFHA dues.  The purpose of the social events is to help bring all residents together as a community and to help encourage young families to consider NF a friendly community in which to raise their children.


POOL: Romana  Slavik

Romana said that the past year NFHA pool service provider has been Jeff Kelly.  He has been good working on pool problems. Romana also stated that each year the board does consider and review bids from other pool service providers.  A motion was made by Jack Malarky and seconded by Rick Bowers to accept the proposed pool hours for 2012 season.  The motion was passed.  The pool season is as follows:

Open Memorial Day – Labor Day

Hours M-Sat. 11:00 A.M. – 9:P.M.

Hours Sunday 12 noon – 9:P.M.

The pool will remain open after the start of the school year.  Those hours will be 4:00P.M. – 9:P.M. Monday thru Friday and open regular weekend hours on Saturday and Sunday. 

Alcohol can be consumed at the pool by residents 21 and older.  No glass containers.


FINANCIAL: Ken Menendez

A resident questioned whether the $55 monument assessment would be on going after the monuments were complete.  It was reiterated that the $55 monument assessment will end when the monuments are completed.  The residents will need to vote at that time to determine whether they want to keep the $55 dollars as part of their annual dues.  Residents were also reminded that the Castle Monument was not the final project.  There is still one monument at 127th street and Nieman to be replaced after the Castle Monument project is completed. 

Ken had budget information available for residents to review.  He reviewed the financial condition of NFHA and areas of Nottingham Forest that need work and improvements, particularly the pool/playground parking area, streambed erosion by pool/playground/ tennis area and work needed on the tennis courts.

Ken presented a proposed budget that would raise NFHA dues to $595/yr. beginning with fiscal year 2012.  A motion was made by Ted Althoff and seconded by Dave Warrington to approve the proposed budget.  The motion was approved by over 90% majority.



Steve reports that he keeps busy from 5:00A.M.-10: P.M. patrolling the neighborhood and working on neighborhood projects or problems.  He says you can see him driving around in his silver Toyota pickup.  If you see him, let him know if you are aware of any   lighting problems, malfunctioning sprinklers, trees, mail boxes, etc.  He will work on solving the problem.  Steve also reminded residents that sweeping fall leaves and sweet gum balls into the streets and down the drains is a big “no-no.” If he sees residents doing this he will warn them once and probably report them the second time.

Steve also suggested checking the website OPCares, a city of Overland Park web site, especially with street or sidewalk problems.  Steve also mentioned residents may want to check out 32 gallon stackable containers to use for yard waste.  Steve suggests this is an economical alternative to using required paper bags for yard waste.



*Three expiring board positions have been filled.  Chanie Mitchell will be vice-president and will continue on as Social Chairperson.  Mike Miller will continue on as Tree Chairperson and Gordon Harring will stay on as Monument Chairperson on a year to year basis.


With no further business, a motion was made and seconded and passed that the meeting be adjourned at 9:02.


These minutes were prepared by Judy Denesia, NFHA Board Secretary