New Outdoor Grill at Our Neighborhood Pool

Dear Nottingham Forest Residents,

The NFHOA board has some exciting news to share.  Our outdoor grill / pergola project at the pool has officially commenced!  We anticipate the majority of work to be completed this week prior to the pool opening on Saturday.  For those unfamiliar with this special project below are a few highlights of what everyone can expect.

On the west side of the existing cabana we will now have (3) permanent grills nestled between multiple counter tops.  Between the grill area and the cabana will be a 16’ long serving counter with enough space to accommodate multiple groups at any point during the day or evening.  Above these counters/grills will be a pergola which wraps around both the west and north side of the cabana which will more than doubles the amount of shaded area previously offered.  We intend to spread out some of the tables/chairs currently located within the cabana to reduce overcrowding.

Couple of items to note regarding the outdoor grilling area.  Two grills will remain open to residents on a first come / first serve basis.  The remaining grill (on the far North end) will be available for anyone who reserves the cabana.  Propane will now be provided for the remainder of the year for all three grills at no additional cost to our residents.  Following the pool season the board will review propane usage and what costs were incurred.  We are hoping to permanently eliminate the $10 fee typically accessed for grill usage   The intent for offering (3) grills is to allow multiple residents to cook on them at any given time.  Our hope is that residents will feel welcome to utilize the grills at their pleasure even while in use by other residents.  It’s an opportunity to get to know fellow neighbors in a social environment.

The cabana will remain available to reserve through the website.  Make sure to check the pool calendar to see what is available.  It is expected that private parties stay within the footprint of the cabana so other residents can enjoy the additional shade provided by the new pergola on a first come / first serve basis.  In addition, the reservation policy for length of reservation allowed will be changing.  The NF board is working with our website provider to adjust the available time frame to “block times”.  This will help accommodate more reservation availability on any given day, especially Saturdays.  Once this is completed it will be shared with residents.  For now though it will remain business as usual.

The board has established some rules regarding the usage of the outdoor grilling area.  We will be posting signs with the following rules next to each grill.  Our hope is that residents will appreciate and follow the established expectations to preserve the integrity of the equipment for many seasons to come.

Grill Rules:

  • Grill use is limited to 90 minutes
  • Use of the grills is strictly for NF residents and their guests.  One NF home owner must be present with their guests.
  • The middle and south grill will always remain available on a first come / first serve basis.  Private parties reserving the cabana have access to the north grill.  When no private parties are scheduled all three grills are available for use to all residents.
  • Persons cooking on the grills must be 21 years of age or older.  No children are to be behind the counter at any time.
  • Grilling tips and lighting instructions will be provided.  Please read to ensure proper use and care of the grill.  Turning on/off propane before and after use is the responsibility of the user.  Treat the equipment with respect.
  • Individuals cooking must wear shoes.
  • Persons using the grills are responsible for cleaning after use.  This includes any preparation or serving area as well.  A grill brush will be provided.  All other utensils are provided by the user.
  • Recyclable products are to be placed in the proper recycle container.
  • Trash is to be consolidated and removed after use.  Contact lifeguards for location.
  • NO GLASS containers of any type in the pool area including drinks, casserole dishes, or other glass cooking / serving containers.  All beverages will be in metal cans, boxes, or plastic containers.

On behalf of the NFHOA board we hope that everyone has an enjoyable and safe summer!


Chad Grattan
President, Nottingham Forest Homes Association
T 913-626-2392

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